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Today, a lot of businesses measure results by the bottom line. (How many dollars are made at the end of the year). We measure results in two very different ways. First, in terms of customer satisfaction; have we made every customer as happy as possible? Secondly, for those of our customers who enjoy displaying their vehicles in national competition, our restorations have won AACA, Classic Car Club of America, National Buick and Oldsmobile meets, Super Chevy and Southern Streetcar Nationals to name a few. We also receive invitations to some of the more prestigious shows like Amelia Island and World of Wheels. This is success as rated by a jury of our peers.

Not Everybody Wants (or can afford...) A Show Car

We realize that quite often our customers don't want an all-out show car. Many just want a cosmetically pleasing driver--a car that they can use and have fun with. Others may just need a little of this or a little of that... an upholstery repair... a bit of paint touch up... or a mechanical problem repaired. We welcome those challenges. The old cliché, "No job too small... no job too big" really does hold true at Brookside.

Our People Make The Difference

They are dedicated, committed, diligent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and loyal. They have that very special mind-set that's required to become a true restoration expert. They are long term people. Jim, our General Manager, and Chris our Master Mechanic, have both been with us for more than 30 years. These people are master craftsmen... and multi-talented as well. Jim, in addition to running the shop, can weld, paint, do woodwork, upholstery, straighten both body work and stainless steel trim and handle major mechanical repairs. Most importantly, he can solve problems. Chris, our Master Mechanic is more than just a mechanic. In the old days, a mechanic fixed things. Today, in many cases the term "mechanic" translates to "parts replacer". Chris can diagnose a problem and repair, rather than replace the part--an invaluable talent when you consider the last new part to fit that particular situation might have been produced 90 years ago. It's been said that if it has pistons, chains, gears or pulleys, Chris can fix it.

Our Library Helps, Too

Much of the success of a restoration depends on correct information concerning how it was manufactured when it was new. That's why we maintain a library of paint color chips, parts and shop manuals that in many cases go back to the twenties This combined with a "library of the mind" that goes back to the 40's insures that our restorations are as period correct as is humanly possible.

Looking for Parts... We Put "Sherlock" On The Trail

One of our best repeat customers has given James the nick name "Sherlock, " because of his unerring ability to track-down obscure parts. Almost thirty years of studying hobby related periodicals, combined with a nearly photographic memory means that he can "reach out" to find the needed part. Over the last 35 years James has established an international network of suppliers. He knows who to call to locate that rare part needed to complete the job. Many of the people he contacts either don't advertise in Hemmings or on the internet or advertise very infrequently.

Our Rewards

Obviously, a business has to provide an income to its owners and employees, of course, Brookside has done that. But, just as importantly, it has allowed us to meet, work for, and become friends with a truly outstanding group of people. Friends who have allowed us the privilege of restoring multiple cars for them, friends who have been willing to recommend us to their friends. One of the nicest compliments we've ever received was from one of our oldest customers. He has had cars restored by some of the most well known shops in the country. We have done several cars for him in the past 15 years and he recently told us, "we are the most professional shop he has ever dealt with".

A Few Important Details

We're security conscious. That's why our customer's cars are always stored inside and protected by a sophisticated security system. We want you well informed. Statements are fully detailed with parts, labor and material itemized on a daily basis. A complete photographic record is kept of every car.

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